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    Massage Bangkok Thailand

    massage girl thailand

    This is one of my favorite massage shops in all of Thailand. The staff and the owner are very helpful and they really know how to give a good massage. The photo at left is one of the lovely staff working at Comfort Massage. You can have a massage at the shop on Sukhumvit Soi 22 or you can call the number above and they will send someone to your hotel room in Bangkok. This shop will do an Oil or Thai Massage for you or for you and your wife (couples massage) in your hotel room. You can call the shop at (02) 258-1725.

    Remember to mention MyThaiTravel and you will get a 10% Discount on your first massage. With the 10% Discount and the quality of the staff you just can't beat Comfort Massage. I would not really recommend Comfort Massage for foot massages, they just don't do them well.


    massage shop Bangkok

    The photo above is from Friend's Barber & Massage The shop is conveniently located in Bangkok at 16/3 Sukhumvit Soi 19, the phone number is (02) 251-6219 They do all the basic massage at the shop and also offer outside services. The shop also provides haircuts for men and women. Remember to mention MyThaiTravel and you will get a 10% Discount on your first massage.

    Both Comfort Massage and Friend's Massage can sometimes offer special services but they both do a very good basic massage "no strings attached". In fact, Friend's Massage is one of the most popular foot massage shops in that area, especially with ex-pats who know a thing or two about massage in Thailand.

    Comfort massage focuses more on special massages, one of the most popular massage shops of expats for special massages is Aviva Massage on Soi 8, there website is:

    Massage is almost like a religion here, I cannot think of another country where massage is so ingrained in the culture and is such a part of everyday life. The Thais really know how to perform massage, you can even go to one of the most famous temples in Bangkok, Wat Po, just to learn how to do Thai Massage. In a normal massage shop in Thailand you can usually have three basic types of massage:

    - Thai Massage

    - Foot Massage

    -Oil Massage

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