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    Wai In Thai

    The Thais are an extremely tolerant people, I have been butchering their language for years, and they still talk to me! The Thais really appreciate it when you try and speak a little of their language. The Thais place an enormous importance on being polite and having an easy going personality "Jai Yen" (cool heart). If you are a man always end your sentences with the word "khrap" and if you are a women, always end your sentences with "kha".

    So "Thank You" would be - "Cop Coon Khrap" for a man and "Cop Coon Kha" for a woman. You will sometimes hear Thai men shorten "khrap" to "khap" and women will shorten "kha" to "ha". But it all means the same thing, and both are considered polite, which is the most important thing. Just remember to end your sentences correctly and smile and have an easy going personality and you will love it here.

    Also "I" in Thai for a man is "Phom" and "I" for a woman is "Chan".

    For the sake of brevity, I am going to omit the polite ending, and I, but you should remember to use them appropriately.

    Thai Language Phrase (roughly) Actual Meaning
    sao-what-dee Hello/Goodbye
    cop-coon Thank You
    hong-nam-you-tee-nay Where Is The Bathroom?
    tao-rai How Much Is It ?
    pang-maak It is Very Expensive
    tuk-gwaa-dai-mai Cheaper - O.K.?
    rong-rem Hotel
    ran-ahaan Restaurant
    rong-rem-siam-you-tee-nay Where Is The Siam Hotel?
    mee-ahaan-mai-pet-mai Do You Have Food That Isn't Spicy?
    mai-chop I Don't Like This
    chop-maak I Like This Very Much
    coon-soo-aye You Are Beautiful
    coon-laaw You Are Handsome
    ahaan-thai-aroy Thai Food Is Delicious
    agat-rawn-maak The Weather Is Very Hot
    taxi-meter Taxi In Bangkok
    tuk-tuk Tuk Tuk 3 Wheeled Vehicle
    tour-a-saap Telephone
    tour-a-saap-moo-two Cellular Telephone
    yaak-pai-haa-maw I Want To Visit A Doctor
    yaak-pai-rong-pai-abaan I Want To Go To The Hospital
    im-laew I Am Full Already (eating)

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